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The Fraudsters are offering Face Masks and its a Scam
 Not unexpectedly into today's current climate received an Email this morning offering me Face Masks  via my Contact email. Purporting to be a Pharmacutical Site selling Face Masks and other items that business would require to open up.  No doubt it is a Fraudster at work !! So message is Be Very Aware tof Scam emails looking for one to part with money for non existent goods.
Apple Blossom now out
 The blossom smells wonderful and the woodland butterfles dance in the sun.One  can always paint tomorrow.
Early Settlement in Canada and the Jasper Grant letters
Time to resurrect the letters again and work with my Canadian and American  friends. I have been so meaning to do this for some time but somehow life always seems to get in the way.  Have also been looking at the canvassses again as the sunshine and the longer days beckon the paintbrushes to come out and lay down some colour.  Spotted a Yellow Iris today, and that is way too early but it has blossomed and the soft  ribboned edge of the yellow petal is tempting so maybe!  
New Blooms
and it is good to smell them, pick them and place them in  vase.  Smell wonderful and  while I always appreciated them I appreciate them even more these days.  
Might not be a woodland walk
but the primroses and the wood anemones are in full bloom. Replanted from 42 's wonderful garden  now long gone but they continue to bloom each spring in a small space in the corner of the garden.. A reminder that Spring is here and life continues. It is warming nicely but  I have yet not managed to put some paint on the canvas this year as my next book has kept me away from the paint brushes as I get ready to publish.
We All Can Do Our Bit By Doing Exactly What We Are Asked
We can all assist even if it is just to take the measures that are being asked be it young or old. We are all in this together!!
The Message at this time to anyone who is please Stop Hoarding
Please get the message out loud and clear  Stop Hoarding!  Doing so is impacting on Front Line Workers and EVERYONE OF US  will need them.
If anyone has a little extra please consider giving to their Local Food Bank. 
Not all Superheros wear capes.. Some Wear Scrubs and Gowns!
Attributed to Leo Varadakar . I loved how he use his words thoughtfully and felt they should be shared.  He went on to further say " In short we are asking people to come as a nation by staying apart."  Beautifully put and I loved the word   " cocooning". It  has such warmth  to it instead of the words "self isolation"
It is time to acknowledge and say Thank you to all the Decision Makers, Health Workers , CARE Providers ,
Ambulance Drivers, Support Staff,  other Emergency Services who will now be on the Front Line , to all the Volunteers  many who will be unseen , those who will support the Elderly, those with  Health Reasons who will be taking the advice   Social Distancing / Isolating and that for many will be inside their own homes , families and friends who will help and support. Chemists,their assistants, Food Chains , the list goes on...
those who will go that extra mile within their community for  those less able  to get out  for whatever reason
Thiank You
We can  assist  them  even if it is only to do what is asked. The advice is clear and regulary updated  NHS Website on Coronavirus  ( COVID-19 )

Good Fresh Air Lifts the Soul
and here are the first daffodils at the Argory,  What better time than now  to take oneself  out into the country and  look around you, we even spotted the first Primrose of this season., Think of Spring  and all it's colour and  get painting folks!  Don't say I can't paint, everyuone can paint , everyone just paints differently
If you do not read any other book this year this is a Must Read
Of course it was the subject matter that drew me to the book  Well written and I could not set it down. What an Inspiring Young Woman!

As This Year closes in I wish you a Happy New Year
 Thank you to the  Galleries that have supported me once again and a very special thank you to all who bought my paintings. I look forward to the incoming longer days with better light so I can once again enjoy the privlege of capturing summer flowers and our wonderful countryside on canvas.
Happy New Year !   
Christmas Exhibition now on show at the Battletown Gallery
Eakin Gallery 30 Years on the Lisburn Road, Belfast Exhibition
 Congratulations to the Eakin Gallery.  Delighted to be exhibiting in their 30 years on the Lisburn Road, Belfast Show.   See Eakin Gallery website for details.
Love these colours .
Weather might not be wonderful this summer but the colours in these blooms are magnificent. Reminds me of Drenagh and the wonderful arrangments in Fruithill House. Inspiring enough to pull out the paint brushes and do a little experimenting. Thanks to all who visited  Emma and my exhibition at the Battletown Gallery.. It is always a pleasure to exhibit alongside Emma, 
An Irish Lineage Gifford, Glascott and Symes by R Gifford and J Martin
 by myself and Dr Jennifer  Martin , I have seen  for sale on Amazon as rare and  second hand and  at inflated prices. Anyone who wishes to purchase a New Copy can do so at £22.50 not inc Postage and Packaging through " Artema Research and Writing Services"  which has  Facebook Page or by emailing Jenny at Artema.Jennifer@gmail.com
Battletown Art Gallery : Rosemary Gifford and Emma Spence Exhibition
continues Tues - Sat  11.30am - 4.30pm  for the duration of the exhibition ( 21st June). It also opens by appointment.
Joint Exhibition Emma Spence and Rosemary Gifford
at the Battletown Gallery opening  Saturday 21st May 2019.   Delighted to once again be exhibiting with  the  very talented  award winning young  artist "Emma  Spence " in this two person show.
Enjoyed doing this today
Nice to do a little Flower Arranging at times. A break from Painting flowers to arranging same can sometimes bring new inspiration.
Thanks Again
to the Battletown, Eakin and Yard who again have supported me  during 2018 by exhibiting my work. Thanks also to InKlover  for their invite to show some small works in 2018. I take this opportunity to say Thank You  to ALL who have bought my art this year and over the years . I rarely get to know who buys my work, I leave the selling to the Gallery that has the work on show.. Occasionally I hear the odd snippet when  a celebriity purchases  a piece or when I hear a work is on it's way to London or as today a work to the Bahamas.  That can still be surprising but I appreciate every sale by every customer.I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown, I have been busy researching with Jenny  re our next book, while I also have been kept  busy  by the galleries.  A joint exhibition with Emma Spence  is planned  for  later in the year in the The Battletown.
My Best wishes for the New Year and most importantly a Healthy One.
In Klover Hillsborough, Co Down
has some unique  original cards, craft and artwork as well as having 2 small Gifford works.
Eakin Gallery, Lisburn Road, Belfast
Two works are now on show in their Christmas Exhibition of Mixed Artists.
New Works at the Eakin Gallery and the Yard Gallery
Two New works at the Eakin Gallery and Two New works at the Yard Gallery, plus 2 new small works at InKlover, Hillsborough.
Some things are worth trying to paint
so maybe for another day!

Emma Spence at the Wray Gallery Belfast
Wishing Emma Congratulations on her forthcoming Sola Exhibition Wray Gallery Belfast, opens on the 13th Sept. 2018
Good Luck Emma and Best wishes

New Work Battletown Gallery
New Works  in the Battletown Gallery
 now  by the EakinGallery Lisburn Road Belfast. Have no hesitation in highly recommending them.
Changing Tide Whitepark Bay
presently in Yard Gallery
Available in the Eakin Gallery
 3 New  Works available in the Eakin Gallery, Lisburn Road, Belfast
New works
available at the Eakin, Yard, InKlover,and Art of Caring. Two new works will be available shortly at the Battletown.
Three Works will be Exhibited in the Art of Caring Exhibition 2018
Two New Works
will be available in the Yard Gallery shortly
WhitePark Bay Co Antrim
And Pink Roses.
Nativity Plays
ain't what they used to be. Anyway this made me smile. Well the year has come to an end and with sadness and gladness as will be the same for most families. We end the year welcoming a new grandson and baby brother for Michael.Looking forward to painting and writing 2018.
Thank you
Thank you to my galleries, The Battletown,The Eakin and The Yard who continue to support me by selling my work and thank you to all who purchased my work from them this year. Nothing planned for 2018 but hope to have an Exhibition in 2019. I also work with Jenny on a new book for later this year or early 2019. Merry Christmas and Wishing a Healthy and Happy 2018.
Yard Gallery Holywood
Two new works on show.
Battletown Gallery Winter Show 2017
The Battletown Gallery Winter Show opens 5th December. 3 works in show.
**want an easy,simple Christmas present idea that can be ordered from the comfort of your armchair and sent to you directly? Why not purchase an ARTEMA Voucher for family history research and give the gift of something unique and different this Christmas. Visit http://www.artemani.co.uk or email artema.jennifer@gmail.com to find out more.
Colin Croft Dead Man Calling
Congratulations to my dear friend Colin on his first novel. So looking forward to reading it Colin and wishing you every success with the next book.
Coloured Earth
Best Wishes to Oonagh and Rosalind. Their joint exhibition " Coloured Earth" goes on show in the Battletown Gallery http://www.thebattletowngallery.com 

Guide to Travellers and Art Lovers by Mark Beech
Nice to see Eakin Gallery gets  mentioned in"Top  Game of Thrones Locations" by Mark Beech  Giude For Travellers and Art Lovers www.blouninartinfo.com .  on the Culture and Art Article 26th July 2017
The Daffodils have finished
and some of the Spring Flowers fading, would be nice to have some much needed sun/light to encourage me to pick up the paints, and get producing  some new work before all the Spring Flowers are over.
Eakin Gallery Lisburn Road Belfast
The above three works can be viewed at the Eakin Gallery, Lisburn Road,Belfast.
White Rocks
is presently in the Yard Gallery Holywood.
 All works can only be purchased from a Gallery and all works presently available are in the Galleries. The above are in the Eakin but there are also 4 works  in the Yard Gallery and 4 works  in The  Battletown Galley. I am looking forward to bringing out the brushes again as we are approaching the better daylight. I find cannot paint in artifical light . During the winter months  I was working on my other Passion that is researching " The Elmes Letters" . Thank you once again to all  who buy my paintings. I also like to thank Newtownards Art Club for inviting me to do a demonstration and workshop last year. I take that as such a compliment.  This year I look forward to doing a demo for Lisnagarvey  Lisburn , we go back a long way to when I started of  learning how to use charcoal.
Eakin Gallery Christmas Exhibition
Eakin Gallery Christmas Exhibition opens tomorrow 26th November . 
Sarah Minnis Design Holywood Co Down
Sandham Symes books were designed by Sarah Minnis Design Holywood Co Down. 
Some pictures courtesy of Sarah .
Sandham Symes in America
Exhibition Eakin Gallery
13 works on show Eakin Gallery , Lisburn Road  Belfast, Saturday 8th October.
Paintings Available Battletown Gallery
The above three paintings are available for purchase at The Battletown Gallery
Glascott Symes : Author and Historian
Sir John Keane and Cappoquin House in time of  war and revolution is now published and can be purchased at www.fourcourtspress.ie
An Irish Lineage
Gifford, Glascott and Symes by R Gifford and J Martin is avallable for purchase via this website.
New Works
There are a  Limited Number of New Works on show The Battletown Gallery, Bowtown Road, Newtownards and also in Castle Gallery, Lisburn. A further few works will be available later this year in the Eakin Gallery, Lisburn Road , Belfast and The Yard Gallery, Holywood.
Battletown Gallery Summer Exhibition
Exhibiting two works in Alison's  Summer Show ia her  beautiful gallery in County Down. In excess of 3o artists will be exhibiting in what will be once again an exciting show and one not to be missed. Show opens  June 23rd.
Canadian Archives Library
Two  Books on Sandham Symes A Transatlantic  Journey  America and Canada 1841 now donated to Canadian Archives Library..
Noel Thompson BBC opens the Art of Caring Exhibition on Friday 8th April at 7.30pm St Colmcille's Hall , Ballyhackamore, Belfast . Exhibition closes Sunday 10th April.
Emma Spence Exhibition Wray Gallery Belfast
Congratulations Emma. Looking forward to visiting your forthcoming Exhibition of New Works "Their Fields" http://jameswray.ie/exhibitions/emma-spence-exhibitions/ Exhibition being opened by Neil Shawcross. New paintings capture scenes walked by Emma and her brothers in childhood. 
St Patricks Day Exhibition Eakin Gallery Belfast
Thank You Yard Gallery Holywood
Thank you to the Yard Gallery     http://www.yardgallery.com for featuring my work on the Mother's Day Advert .  Great place to find that unusual small gift and relax over lunch and coffee
Ulster Society of Women Artists
Spring Exhibition is in the The Island Arts Centre, Lisburn ,Co Antrim. Opens on the 18th February and finishes on 24th March 2016.

New Year New Work New Book
Nice to have started on New Work for the Galleries for later this year and also back to reseaching for a new book with Jenny and Ann ( Belanger). A Transatlantic Journey on Sandham Symes 1841 continues to find its way to America and Canada and gets great comments. 
Sandham Symes - Lecture by Glascott Symes
Irish Georgian Society Events.https://www.igs.ie/events  SandhamSymes:Architect, Artist and Adventurer-Lecture by Glascott Symes , 5th April 2016.  Book A Transatlantic Journey  Sandham Symes America and Canada 1841 can be purchased by contacting the Society.
A Transatlantic Journey Sandham Symes 1841 America and Canada
This year like all years had it highs and its lows.  We will sadly miss the late  John Morton Gifford who was the inspiration for much research that resulted in Dr Jenny Martin www.artemani.co.uk and I co-authoring  two books.  During the last three years saw us in Wexford staying in www.fruithill-cottages-ireland.com. Susan Devane was a wonderful host.We had the privlege of visiting Fruithill House once a Glascott home with Gifford and Symes connections. We  were most thankful to Christopher Richards  who kindly travelled from Bristol to give a talk .Christopher is a member  of the Irish Geneology Society . Thanks to  Ann Belanger who travelled from Canada and accepted a book  on our behalf to gift to the Cumberland Township Historical Society.  I am also thankful to my galleries listed on my home page for their continued support throughtout 2015, particular thanks to Alison  www.thebattletowngallery.com for the exhibition in October. My thanks to all ( too many to mention for their support  ) throughtout 2015 and thanks to everyone who has bought my work. Without your support  it would be impossible to either produce the books or continue to paint for the galleries.Prepartions are ongoing for some new work that should be available for October 2016
 A Transatlantic Journey  Sandham Symes America and Canada 1841 by R Gifford and J Martin was   entered and has now  been selected as a finalist  in two sections for  Irish Print Awards 2015 
Good Luck to W G Baird who is one of the finalists for Book Printer of the Year Award
Good Luck to Robinson and Mornin who is one of the finalists  for Print Finishing of the Year
Christmas Exhibition Battletown Gallery 2015
For details see www.thebattletowngallery.com and go to their Facebook Page

Battletown Gallery Co Down
12 New Works will be Exhibited in the Battletown Gallery  3rd October 2015
Poppies and Daisies
can be viewed at the Yard Gallery Holywood Co Down. If not on view ask Jim or  Gallery Staff to let you see it. Great coffee and eats plus lots of other artists work available to purchase
A Transatlantic Journey Sandham Symes 1841 America and Canada
One of the most complex publishing projects I have seen - the tipped-in and cornered plates and the wedding ring add such richness and texture to the book. It is an elegant volume."
Mary K Woolever

Ireland:Crossroads of Art and Design:1690 -1840 Exhibition Art Institute of Chicago

Copy 1 of 50 Special Edition Book " A Transatlantic Journey Canada and America 1841 Sandham Symes" was presented by Glascott Symes on behalf of Jenny and I  to the Art Insitute of Chicago  During the month of June is an Exhibition of Ireland:Crossroads of Art and Design:1690-1840.

Summer Exhibition of Selected Works Battletown Gallery
The Battletown Gallery Summer Exhibition commences on Wednesday 24th June and runs throughtout the summer months. Gallery details and updates can be acessed via the link on my Home Page.
Battletown Gallery Winter Exhibition


Christmas Exhibition Eakin Gallery Lisburn Road Belfast
Dundonald Art Club

Thank you to the Committee and the members of Dundonald Art Club for such a warm welcome during and after the Demo. Thanks  also  Visitors  who  came along and supported me. It was such a pleasure to catch up with some old and new friends.

Battletown Gallery
Two new works on Show with the Battletown Gallery.
New Work Yard Gallery Holywood
New work on show at http://www.yardgallery.com Holywood
Eakin Gallery
2 New works available in Eakin Gallery
A showcase of Selected Works by Gallery Artists
Battletown Gallery Summer 2014 Preview evening is Tuesday 24 June from 6pm - 9pm
Arts Society Ulster Exhibition
Belfast Indoor Bowls Club 115 Milltown Road Belfast 5th June - 14th June
Marine Court Hotel Bangor
Three new works can now be seen at the Marine Court Hotel Bangor
Art of Caring Exhibition
Will be held  2-4th May at St Colmcille’s Hall , Ballyhackamore, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast
My Paintings
The paintings on my website often represent work that has aleady been sold. To ask if a particular work is still available I can of course be contacted via email but all work available will be in one of my listed galleries.
on show at The Battletown Gallery .Opening Saturday 22 March from 11.30am - 4.30pm showing until 4th April. This is an opportunity to view affordable art and a gallery well worth visiting
Exhibition of small works The Old Post Office Lisbane
Winter Exhibition Battletown Gallery
This years Winter Exhibition Battletown Gallery Newtownards opens on the 3rd Dec and closes 21st Dec.
Eakin Gallery
Exhibiting in the Annual Christmas Show Eakin Gallery, Lisburn Road, Belfast.
Ulster Women Artists Exhibition
The UWA Exhibition is on show Ulster Hall Bedford Street Belfast from 8th November to the 29th November 2013
  To see online exhibtion vist http://www.eakingallery.co.uk
Solo Show Eakin Gallery Lisburn Road Belfast
Solo Exhibition " The Gentle Touch" Eakin Galley Lisburn Road Belfast. 12th October - 19th October. 
Ulster Society Women Artists
Thank you to President Margaret and Fellow Women Artists for awarding me Diploma Status. It was most unexpected.  Also  Congratulations to To Trish and Janet.
Solo Exhibition Eakin Gallery
First Solo Exhibition will be on Show in the Eakin Gallery October 2013
Yard Gallery
Visited Yard Gallery Holywood  5th March and left in 2 Oils on Canvas
Featured Artist Yard Gallery Holywood
Thanks to the http://www.yardgallery.com for making me this weeks featured artist.  A must to visit  if in or near Holywood as along with lunch you will get  the best coffee in town.    
Christmas at the Yard
Looking for a piece of art,or that special gift or card? Why not vist the http://www.yardgallery.com have a browse, you will always find something that little bit different and at the same time what an opportunity to treat yourself to a Delicious  Lunch or afternoon Coffee and one of their Christmas Cup Cakes.
Arts Society Ulster Christmas Exhibition
Exhibition in St John's Parish Halls, Malone Rd, Belfast opens Thurs 7.30pm  Thursday 29th Nov and closes 8.00pm Saturday 1st December
War on Want NI ArtAid2012
The Exhibition and auction can be viewed 9th Floor Gallery, River House,Belfast from Wednesday 28th November until  Saturday 1st December. Funds raised will help War on Want NI support its partnership projects and provide care and education for the most vulnerable members of society in Africa.
Battletown Gallery
Showing 2 works at Battletown Gallery Christmas Show  which opens on the 27th November.
Eakin Christmas Show
Eakin Gallery Christmas Show Mixed Gallery Artists 24th November until 24th December.

Invited Artist
Best Wishes to Ards Art Club with their Annual Christmas Exhibition which is on show at the Georgian Gallery Newtownards Town Hall. Though NFS an example of my work can be viewed during the exhibition which runs from the 1st November until 29th November.
Exhibition Eakin Gallery

Delighted to have been asked to have an Exhibition Eakin Gallery  2013

Exhibiting  Mixed Exhibition Ulster Society Women Artists Waterfront Hall October 9th until October 27th 2012
BY THE SEA  Exhibition  14th Octber 2012 -14th Jan 2013

Exhibiting in an Exhibition Mixed Artists. 
new works castle gallery lisburn
New website released
Welcome to the new Rosemary Gifford Website. Please use my contact form if you have any feedback.
Wednesday Monthly Workshops
These classes are tutored by various professional artists that include R T Killen, Neil Shawcross, Paul O'Kane and Rosemary Gifford.
For further information
The Yard Gallery in Holywood
one of Northern Ireland's leading art galleries, is featuring an article about the art of Rosemary Gifford in their e-magazine
New website is live
The new website is now live, we have a section about me, some examples of my work, latest news, a way to contact me and some links.